What is the role of Renthomeonline.in

Renthomeonline.in is only a mediator / platform provider through which you get option to rent home for minimum of one night and maximum as per your requirement.

Once a booking is confirmed, is it mandatory to host the guests ?

No, it may change as per situation and circumstances. if you doubt on any guest due to invalid id proof or any other reason, you may deny to check in and inform the Renthomeonline.in immediately for the same.

If guest give a proper guarantor from the same city or from any other city, you may allow as per your convenience. Renthomeonline.in will not be responsible for the same at any cost.

When a home owner will receive the payment?

Once the guest will check in, after 24 hour you will receive the payment in your account.

Can I log in through Google plus?

Yes, you can log in through Google plus also.