What Do you Look at first ? Price, Luxury, location ? While you think of a night stay at outdoor hotel or lodge ?


For an average man, The first thing to be looked upon is the price and then location and then comfort of the night stay. Due to high traiff of the hotels it is most of the time out of budget to book a hotel in the location you need. Many time is the need of hour and because of the no availablity of other resources an average man is stuck with no option.


One can keep his comfort and location at most primary places if tarrif of the hotel is within budget and NOW this can be made possible with RENTHOMEONLINE. 


For booking a room, minimum period of booking is for one day which means staying for a breakjourney or staying for few hours again will not a wise decision to spend for a compelete 24 hours.


With Renthomeonline it is possible to search a property near your location and book for the time and pay for the duration of stay simply.